There are many Moroccan Vcacation Packages & Activities to do in Marrakech

Marrakesh is a former imperial city and one of the most popular tourist cities here in Morocco. It is home to beautiful Mosques, palaces, and Gardens as well as the famous Jamaâ El Fna square. With so much to do and see in both the medieval and modern areas of the city, Marrakech is one of the most tourists attractive cities in Morocco and the world, that’s why we created to you the best Activities that you can do when you visit Marrakech.



8 Days tour from Tangier To Marrakech

Jemaa El Fna is a famous place in Marrakesh. During the day the square is filled with snake tamers, henna tattooists, and many amazing things while at night there are traditional lamb dishes, fresh orange juice, and much more delicious food. Tourists flock here throughout the year to explore the beating heart of the city as well as the interesting things the locals have to offer in this magic Moroccan square.



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The importance of mosques in Moroccan culture is very large, a visit to the Koutoubia Mosque is a must for those in the area. The Koutoubia Mosque is the largest in Marrakesh and not only a spiritual center but a reference point for world architecture. This beautiful minaret, which was built during the 12th century, is an example of expertise in carving and decoration, with its distinctive and symmetrical arches.




On your trip to any Moroccan city, the charming markets are a must in the visiting schedule. Marrakesh is characterized as one of the most beautiful cities in the country, as it is considered the capital of the old traditional markets. Whether you are looking for literature or handicrafts, there is a street and alley for everything. Visitors can spend many hours in the maze-like streets of this city so relax, explore and enjoy the locally made treasures.



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Fes City Morocco is located in the center of Morocco, the capital of the IDR is Morocco, where 182 honors were found from 489, 789, since 1231 years ago, Idris II was considered one of the oldest of the cities of Morocco and North Africa. Fes is divided into 3 sections, Fes Bali, the old city, and the new vessels built in the 13th century AD, the new city built by French in the French colonialist.



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 Old medina of Fez is an architectural heritage classified by UNESCO. This city is famous for its traditional industry, weaving, decoration, and leather industry. In this city, you will be able to observe the manufacture of this fabric, leather drying, and tanning until the final stage.




It is considered one of the most famous and oldest mosques in Morocco, as it was founded in 857 AD by Fatima al-Fihri. And turned into a university where scholars and scholars of religion, medicine, and human sciences study… It is considered one of the oldest universities in the world. When you arrive at the mosque, you will be amazed at the architecture and the decorations carved on the walls of the mosque with great care.

Non-Muslims are not allowed inside the Mosque or people in short Clothe.



10 days in Morocco Tour itinerary from Fes

Dar tanners, or Dar Chouara for tanning, is one of the most prominent traditional professions that characterize the scientific capital of Morocco. It consists of many circular basins of stone filled with types of dyeing. Morocco Activities

From the rooftops of the bazaars, you can follow all the stages of the tanning process of the craftsmen who work in these basins, which are shops selling finished leather products.

When visiting it, do not forget to put the scent of mint in your nose to reduce the unpleasant smell that emanates from leather and other materials used in tanning.




Casablanca or economic capit Moroccanal is one of the oldest Moroccan cities and the most populous in Morocco. Casablanca is rich in wonderful tourist places that you can visit during your trip to this huge city, such as the old city surrounded by a wall and several doors, the most important of which is the Marrakesh Gate… There are also many gardens and historical landmarks in this city, in addition to annual festivals.




Al-Hassan 2 Mosque is considered one of the most important historical and tourist attractions in Morocco and the world، that mosque is the largest one in Africa. The prayer hall in the mosque can accommodate about 25,000 worshipers… This mosque is distinguished by its hugeness and its magnificent decoration that reflects the Moroccan heritage, it will be a good idea to visit that historical mosque to know more about the Moroccan way of construction and decoration.



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Economic capitl or Casablanca has a large group of wonderful markets, and the popular markets in Casablanca are characterized by the presence of the authentic Moroccan spirit. In these markets, you can find everything you need, and tourists can buy pieces and masterpieces in a square as a souvenir that symbolizes this beautiful city. Among the most famous of its markets are Derb Ghalef, Derb Omar, Derb Sultan, and Bab Marrakesh… There are also many other wonderful places such as the Jewish Museum, which highlights The history of the Jews in Morocco, which numbered about 5000, in addition to the old city.



8 days tour from marrakech to sahara desert

Most people want to visit the Sahara Desert and explore it on a camel’s back. certainly, it’s an exciting adventure to have, there are many more things you can do in the desert

When you arrive in Merzouga, you will simply be amazed by its residents and the beauty of its golden sands, especially when you ride the camels heading to the highest peaks of the dunes, there you will watch one of the best sunsets in your life before you reach the tents, in the tents, everything is ready to welcome you there with a lot of welcomes, after your rest and Having dinner, you will enjoy the Berber music near the fire with a special family atmosphere and among the things that you can do there too is to enjoy the peace throughout the day and at night you can sit on the dunes and watch the millions of stars in the sky. If you are going to spend the next day there you will have a chance to visit the nomadic Berber by car 4×4 to know more about the lifestyle.

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