Morocco Camel Trekking

Program details :

1 Night Trekking

Morocco camel trekking will start in the evening, two hours before sunset and travelers should be prepared to spend the night in the camp (Berber tents in the midst of sand dunes, after crossing the highest sand dunes and adventure through this person will be sunset and go to the camp and have a mint tea “whisky Berber” in a store Berber with dinner, a drum party with music Berber under the sky full of stars in the morning, you have to get up to see the sunrise and a golden color on the sand dunes and take a breakfast Berber in this quiet then, camel trek to the hotel Kasbah.

1 Day Night Camel Trek

Start in the morning and during the camel trekking will cross all the sand dunes to reach the Berbers / bedouin families that live in the desert black (Lahmada) and you will get an idea of nomadic traditions and have a look at how they live and will have a lunch with them and take a break before getting ready for the rest of the journey, two hours before sunset you have to ride the camels to reach the existing camp in the middle of the sand dunes and be ready to sleep the night in a Berber tent under the stars with a delicious dinner and a sweet breakfast after the dawn after climbing The dunes near their tents back to the hotel.

2 Nights Camel Trek

This depends on the time of traveling more than others and you’ll get to see the most interesting places around large black sand dunes in the distance, through the oasis and spend the night with the Bedouins of the desert / Families Berbers, visit villages and largely desert lakes, especially when they are full of water after a good rainy season. Morocco Camel Trekking
morocco camel trekking

morocco camel trekking

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