Morocco is one of the best places to visit in Morocco and North Africa and the world, it’s a land rich in natural beauty and unforgettable places that are both magical to visit and intriguing to discover for those who love to know more and more about Moroccan culture and history, there are hundreds of ancient mosques, it’s built since the colonial era, There are also many old palaces and historical sites to discover it. there are a north countries like tanger , the blue pearl chefchaouen, essaouira … and a midle ones like , fes , meknes ,marrakech, rabat … and the south ones like zagoura, Ouarzazate, Merzouga sahara desert, Rissani … every part of morocco has a different traditionals than other ones.So, Here are some best places to visit in Morocco



8 Days tour from Tangier To Marrakech

Marrakesh is one of the best places to visit in Morocco, it’s a former imperial city in the west of Morocco, the center of Marrakech is square Jemaa El Fna is a major economic center and home to old mosques, palaces ( which is the operating point for entertainers such as acrobats, dancers, pipe musicians, comedians, and storytellers). The red city is an old city  dating to the Berber Empire, with mazelike alleys where thriving souks (marketplaces) sell traditional textiles, pottery, and jewelry., Marrakesh is one of the most famous Moroccan and international places, which is visited by millions of visitors every year.


3 days tour from Fes to Marrakech

Merzouga Sahara desert is one of best places to visit in Morocco it’s a small pa rt of Moroccan Sahara, it’s known It is visited by millions of visitors who love adventure, psychological comfort and calm, here in that area you can do many fabulous activities Like riding a camel and watching the sunrise and sunset over the dunes in addition you can visit the Berber nomad tents/villages to know more about Berber lifestyle there.


6 days tour from Fes to desert

Chefchaouen or chaouen is a city in the Rif mountains northwest Morocco, it’s known for the striking, blue-washed buildings of its old town, it’s known too as the blue jewel of morocco. Leather and weaving workshops line its steep cobbled lanes in the shady main square of Place Outa Hammam is the red-walled Kasbah, a 15th-century fortress and dungeon. If you are going to visit the north of Morocco, you must visit this magical and historical place.


best places to visit in morocco

Casablanca is a commercial hub in western Morocco, fronting the Atlantic Ocean, Casablanca was called (Anfa ) by the Berber people abbreviation of the local name, it’s a big city in morocco and economic capital of it, It is one of the most important economic cities in Africa, Casablanca located in the center of western Morocco, 95 km south of the administrative capital Rabat, on the Atlantic coast.


Rabat is a capical of morocco, It’s famous for the textile industry, The founding of this city dates back to the 12th century AD.

,Among its exploits is the Hassan Tower, a prominent landmark that the visitor’s eye does not miss. It was built during the reign of Sultan Yaqoub and was one of the largest mosques in his reign. Its construction was not completed after his death in 1199. It was greatly affected by an earthquake that struck the region in 1755.


Tangers is one of the most important countries in northern Morocco, as it is located in a strategic place between the African continent and the European continent.

Tanger welcome traveles to the noth of Morocco. on these shores where the waters of the Atlantic and Mediterranean meet, you can visit many magical places in that city like “tanger kasbah ” it’s located at the highest piont in tanger and offers a wonderful views of spain, in the past, it was an important pion of convergence and exchange of cultures. also there are ” Kasbah Museum ” it known too as ” Dar Almakhzan” It dates back to the seventeenth century Which today has turned into a museum that permanently displays everything related to the history of the tanger Medina.


8 days tour from marrakech to sahara desert

Ouarzazate is a city south of Morocco’s High Atlas mountants, it known as a getway of the sahara desert. A city of palm trees, fort-like buidings, thar name ” ouarzazate ” comes from the amazingh (berber) it means a quite place. This city is distinguished by its palace and its ancient history, It appears in many old and new films…, there is two famous kasbahs near of that city , taourirt kasbah, home to a 19-century place, has views over the rugged local landscape, and ait ben haddou kasbah, it’s a great place with many beautiful views and historical.


4 days tour from casablanca to marrakech

It called Fes Or Fez, one of the most largest and oldest cities in Morocco, it often referred to as the country’s cultural capital, it’s primarily known for its Fes Elbali walled medina with medieval Marinid archticture.

There many interest places in that city to explore it like Chouara Tannery is one of the three tanneries in the city of Fez, Morocco. It is the largest tannery in the city and one of the oldest, you can not visit fez city without exploring that famous place.

It is also the arrival station for travelers before the start of their journeys to discover Another Moroccan magical places.


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